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Relaxing in Chiang Mai

The next few days I decided I needed to rest! I spent thursday morning going to Chiang Mai Ram hospital to get a chest x-ray for my Australian Working Holiday visa. I was pretty impressed with how everything ran smoothly and at each part I hardly had to wait to see someone. I had to fill in a few forms, get passport copied, and have height and weight checked and blood pressure done, then some more forms and then I was taken to be x-rayed. I got changed and was x-rayed, and everything took less than an hour and half, which went quite quickly! I was also given a laminated hospital pass with my name, photo and details on should I ever need to go again. At the end I was charged 1,500THBt, so £30, which I thought was reasonable. In the afternoon I paid 300THB (£6) to use the swimming pool in a posh hotel about a 15 minute walk away. It was a lot of money, but was nice to be pampered. Jenn met me there later and we read our books, chatted and had a cocktail whilst sitting in the pool, before she had to get her bus to Pai.


The next day was also spent relaxing, this time with Susan (from USA also) who joined me in my female dorm at the hostel. The hostels owner, Oi, took us to a local outdoor swimming pool near her daughters school, called Chiang Mai Land, where the pool was HUGE! It was only 60THB (£1) for the day to use, and we paid an extra 30THB to rent out a sun lounger for the day. If anyone wants a bit of peace and quiet away from the city then I recommend this place, it was cheap but really nice. In the morning it was empty and only got fuller with the childrens’ swimming lessons. It was also nice that there was a mixture of thai people and foreigners there. They also served food (western and thai) that was cheap but tasty. To get back we were able to flag down a red songteow and pay 30THB back to the hostel. In the evening we met up with Inon, who had finished his trekking, and went for thai food in the old quarter.

Sunset over temple in CM Monk at temple Chiang Mai gate

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