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2013 in Review

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Sa-wad-dee-pee-my! Happy New Year!

I was able to celebrate New Year twice over! On Friday 28th December school closed for the students “exhibition and party.” This meant all the students moved over to the Tesaban (council offices) where a huge party was held. Each class performed a dance on stage and played games to win prizes. Lunch was served with fizzy drinks, ice cream and doughnuts and the children finished at midday.

Nursery kids performing

At 1.30pm i began my transformation… I was taken to a salon to have my hair and makeup done. My hair was pulled into a tight bun on top of my head and the makeup was bright eyes and red lipstick, and they also shaved my eyebrows (?) The rest of the day was spent  getting most of the teachers into thai costume, so that in the evening, at the Tesaban party we were able to perform a thai dance on stage. My costume was a gold long skirt, and a red top, but I really loved the hair. A huge (fake) bun was put on top with lots of flowers and pretty ribbon.

Myself, Teacher Wa and Teacher JaiTeachers in traditional Thai costume!

That evening I went on stage with an umbrella hiding my face so that when I started the dance it was a surprise to everyone it was me! Everyone cheered and I was later told quite a lot of people were surprised i did it. I wasn’t on my own though, Teacher Jai and head teacher Panida performed our dance with me then we moved to the back of the stage and the other teachers came on and did different dances. Thank you to Teacher Sao for teaching me how to Thai dance, i hoped i performed okay!

Real New Years Eve was spent in Koh Samui, with Paul and James who were visiting from England. It was great to be with them, and we had plans to go to the Full Moon NYE party on Koh Phangan. The boat was booked for 9pm, so we were rushing around buying alcohol and neon tshirts to get in the party mood! Also that day there was no power or water in our hotel so everything was quite late by the time we got ready. We waited in the hotel lobby for the tour guide to pick us up, and had heard that all the boats were running late because of the rain and nasty weather (it had rained most of the afternoon.)

When i phoned the company (because they were late) we were assured someone was on they way to us. Then half an hour later the guy we booked with came to us himself to say sorry but hes decided not to run the boats across because of the bad weather meaning big waves. He said if we still wanted to go there were other companies who would take our money and get us there, but they weren’t concerned with safety, and last year 2 boats had crashed. We decided it wasn’t meant to be so took a full refund and then headed to Ark Bar on Koh Samui beach for partying.

It was packed! Me and James stuck to drinking Spy (wine) and Paul got a bucket of Samsong (whiskey) and redbull. He threw most of it on the floor throughdrunkeness/not liking the taste of it! The countdown was really good because we were able to see all the fireworks going off all around the beach. As we thought we were going to Koh Phagnan we’d taken with us disposable cameras (safer.) We filled 3 up, but will have to wait a while to get them developed, to see what we actually took photos of on the night.

Paul, me and James

Best wishes for the year ahead guys, may 2013 be eventful as 2012 was!

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