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Melaka; Melacca

Melaka is a world heritage site 2 hours to the South West of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I wanted to go there to take photos of the oldy worldy buildings and test out the settings on my new camera with all the colourful architecture.

To get there we got the LRT to Bandar Tasik Selatan train station which is attached to Terminal Bensepadu Salatan Bus station. From here the buses go to Melaka Sentral Bus station every half hour or less as there are a few companies that travel in that direction. After a 2 hour bus journey spent napping and admiring the countryside we spoke to information and caught the number 17 bus heading to the Clock tower, which took about half an hour.


As we left the bus we were greeted by Bob, the scorpion man. He owns a bicycle rickshaw decorated in flowers and scorpions and offered to show us around for an hour at 50 Ringgit. We haggled a while and said we would walk for a bit but eventually agreed on 30 Ringgit (£6ish.) Bob the Scorpion man cycled away and we were able to learn a little about the city and stop for photos at various points of the town. Halfway through the ride when we were outside of the rickshaw Bob told us he had a surprise for us. He lifted up the seat and in a small glass tank was a live black scorpion. It’s name was Black and we had fun holding him and learning about scorpions.

P1010820 P1010817

The most enjoyable part of the trip was the Porta de Santiago and St.Pauls Church where after climbing a few stairs to reach it, there were views of the sea below.

P1010843 P1010854 P1010872

Bob then dropped us back at the Church and we took a wander around Chinatown aka Jonker Street. There were lots of dainty shops all with interesting designs selling not just chinese souvenirs but cafes and temples too. We stopped at one, Geographie, for some local food and I recommend it.

P1010906 P1010899


Melaka for me was a great day escape from KL city and was it was nice to see another part of Malaysia.

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