Favourite Photos

Baby Gecko

Catching geckos and hugging tigers!


Butterfly on handmade flower soaps

Butterfly on handmade soap flowers

Jumping for Joy on Raleigh beach, Krabi.

Raliegh beach

Carving on wooden door of a temple

A carving on the door of a temple

Thai man sitting on steps.

Thai man chilling. A baby and Dad, near grandfather rock, Ko Samui

Sunset over Ao Nang beach

Sunset over Ao Nang, Krabi

With James and Paul, jumping on Poda Island


Sunset over Tub island

Sunset from Tub island

A gift from Pratom 2/2

A present from Pratom 2/2  Making a wish for the Kings Birthday with Lee

Making wishes on the Kings Birthday

Bathing with an elephant

An elephant playing with a hat

Elephant putting a hat on my head!

Swimming at Raleigh beach

swimming at Raliegh beach

Silohuettes over Ao nang beach

sunset over Ao Nang, Krabi

View from Poda Island

Paradise; Raliegh beach!

Perfect beach


Sunset over Koh Tao


Silohuette in Koh Tao



Me performing Thai dance on stage at New Year


Fireshow on Koh Tao


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