Bucket List

So I’ve been thinking about about what to do next year, and everyone keeps asking me what my plans are and at the moment I don’t know, I’m still thinking. What I do know is that theres a big world out there and lots I want to achieve, so here is my bucket list. I know I’m a lucky person to have completed some of it already!

Volunteer in Costa Rica with turtle conservation

Ride an elephant in Sri Lanka

Read all of the “the 50 best books to read before you die” [in process]

Participate in a Working holiday Visa in Australia

Use my Spanish language in South America

Snorkel in Hanuma Bay, Hawaii

Get a tattoo

Hold a Koala Bear

Go to Glastonbury Festival

Pat a tiger cub

Eat chinese food in China

Release baby turtles into the sea in Sri Lanka

Own a puppy

Ride in a hot air balloon

Write a blog [in process]

Go on Safari in Masai Mara, Kenya

Plant a sunflower and watch it grow

Swim with dolphins in Florida

See the Sydney Opera House

Visit Father Christmas in Lapland

Experience San Francisco

Go to NASA, America

Do a sky dive

Spend New Years Eve in Edinburgh

Go to a full moon party in Thailand

Teach in a foreign country, Thailand

See the sunrise at Machu Picchu

Work in a bookstore, Petras, Madrid

Go Skiiing

Visit the Taj Mahal

Volunteer at Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, Sri Lanka

Take photos of the salt flats, lake Titikaka, Bolivia

Visit Ha Long bay, Vietnam

Tour Europe

Camel ride, Marrakech

Go to the airport and get on first available flight

Go to an R.E.M live gig

Enjoy afternoon tea at the Ritz hotel, London

Explore the North Shore art galleries in Oahu, Hawaii

Go shopping in New York

Go to Shakespeare and Co. bookstore in Paris

Visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife trust for elephants, Nairobi

Attend a school taught in a different language (Spanish, Madrid)

Learn to surf in Australia

Go on a cruise

See the Killers perform live, Paris & London

Island hop around the Phillipines

Explore the North of Spain

Dance Salsa in Havana, Cuba

Hmm, hopefully thats not too much to achieve in a life time! I will be adding and editing as life goes on 🙂

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