Exploring Cantabria; Suances, Playa de los Locos and Santillana del Mar

I woke up on Tuesday very well rested after a long sleep. It was about 1130am so I came downstairs to find a feast of fresh fruit, cereal, homemade bread, honey, jam, local milk from the cows nearby etc laid out on the table and a written note from Jane explaining she had gone out and will come back ready for 3pm when Francisco finished work, so to eat lots and then we would go out exploring.

I couldn’t believe how many nice beaches and bars are located nearby. The first place we went to was called Suances.


Jane and Francisco took me to a bar for Tapas. We had tortilla again and this time something marvelous. I had never heard of it before, despite living in a Madrid, and am so thankful I have tried such yummy new food, called Tigres (literally tigers in English, with even spanish people not knowing why they are called that.) They are mussels with half their shell on in a green thick sauce then coated in bechamel sauce and breadcrumbs and deep fried. I took a picture because I knew my description wouldn’t do it justice.


Unfortunately my picture doesn’t such just how tasty they are, like a fishy croqueta!

We went for a walk after the tapas and clara along the seafront, enjoying the views. We then went for a 5 minute drive away to see Playa de los Locos (beach of the crazies!) called this for the big waves and many surfers. The bay is cut with white rocks and you walk down many stairs to a grassy area then a sandy beach and, on that day, huge waves! The surfers looked like they were having so much fun! We walked around watching them and learning lots about the area from Jane and Francisco. It seems my job here is to enjoy exploring, spending time with them and having conversations in English and Spanish. I love to talk and Jane is so interesting that this is probably the perfect role for me, I feel like I am on holiday!

Next stop was Santillana del Mar, known as the place of the 3 lies; it is not related to any saints (Santi) neither is it flat (llana) nor by the sea (del Mar.) However it is an old small town thats very pituresque and typically Spanish with cobbled streets and stunning architecture. We wondered about the old town, enjoying the scenery and trying some more tapas, this time ensalada russa, russian salad that was mainly potato, tuna and vegetable in mayonaise, with bread. The best part was that most of the cobbled streets lead to a huge (un cacho de) Colegiata (Something like a church or cathedral with columns surrounding it.) There were many quirky shops where I bought some gifts for home and a really nice pottery place too.


In the evening we returned to the house and Jane made a salad with chorizo y picos and other tapas style dishes. For dessert I tried something traditional to Cantabria, called a Quesada Paisega. This one was from the local shop that only sells quesada and had been making them there since 1891. A quesada is the consistency of cheesecake but it doesn’t have cheese or gelatin inside. It tastes like a sweet, slightly lemony, thick pancake and was so delicious! Its typical to have it with a glass of milk and many tourists in Santillana del Mar were trying it this way!

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