Past tense postcards

This is a really enjoyable consolidation lesson for students who have done a topic on simple past tense verbs (regular and irregular verbs.)

I started the lesson off with a mind map on the board and asked students to put their hands up and tell me all the activities they like to do on holiday! For Thai students sunbathing is a complete nono, they want to keep light coloured skin. Also amongst the suggestions were “Study English, do homework etc” but tried to steer them into vocab such as “make sandcastles, go snorkelling, go swimming.”


Then I went round the class and the students took it in turns to change the verbs into past tense. I also reminded them of “It is” becomes “It was.” I then taught the students how to write a simple informal letter – ie a postcard.

Dear Mum and Dad,

Wish you were here!

Miss you.

Lots of Love,


Also explaining that in the UK we use “x” to mean kisses, which sent the class into giggles.

Students wrote full sentences in their books as a mock postcard, then when corrected they copied it onto actual postcards to keep and give to their parents. If they had time they decorated it too. This class also decorated it for homework (without me even asking) and bought them in next lesson to show me and get more stickers!

The first 2 are from the basic level of Year 5 and the rest are from Kings class (advanced.)

DSCN8580 DSCN8579


DSCN8681 DSCN8697 DSCN8700




The one below is from Phat, my A*student. He got 100% in all his exams this term. Can you see why? (He doesn’t like colouring, so no pretty pictures but the English is great!)


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