Memory Lane, back to KCS.

Today I had the day off from my new school (due to the students taking their midterm tests, classes were cancelled.) So because I never had the chance to say goodbye to my students in Khaochaison I decided to go back there for the day!

I was awake at 6am to get the 8am minivan (that didn’t leave till 830) and arrived in KCS at 10am. I’d really missed my babies! My new kids are great, super clever but the ones in KCS were my first students and despite language barriers i felt i had a strong bond with them. They are also younger and hug me more!

So, i arrived in school and as i walked upstairs to the office the students closest to the windows could see me and were shouting out Teacher Zo, looking very confused. After saying hello to everyone in the office I was told the new foreign teacher, Alan, was upstairs teaching my favourite class (2/2 now 3/2) so I went there to be nosey! I completely disrupted his lesson, just walked in and said hi, and the kids eyes popped out of their heads, they all cheered and came running towards me and pretty much bundled me!! When I had recovered I apologised to Teacher Alan about the interruption and introduced myself but he said it was only a makeup class for him being ill so that it was okay and offered to take photos of me and my babies.

One of the cutest girls who was always by my side in school, Namforn, came up to me and said ” Teacher Zo, kit-tung mak mak” with the saddest little face. She was telling me she missed me lots. Throughout the day this happened a lot, and it was difficult to explain to the students, that no there is not going to be 2 teachers, just Teacher Alan and that i was visiting just for the day. They understood eventually and then were asking questions about my new school and Hat Yai!

It was also great to see the other teachers. Teacher Jai and Pen welcomed me with big hugs and wanted to know all about my new life and told me I have to visit again before I go to Australia! I’ve also invited them to come see me in Hat Yai whenever they are about. Teacher Jai mentioned coming back and having a sleepover at hers because she has a new house and her son will soon become a Monk and thats a big ceremony that hopefully I can attend! Teacher Wa took me out for lunch and we caught up too, then Madam joined us for a bit. She critised my choices a lot but wasn’t too rude considering. Then asked me if i had bought her a souvenir from Hat Yai – nope! Inbetween their classes I also briefly caught up with Lee and Nonku and was good to see them too, though they are busy preparing their students for a reading competition next week.

It was great to go back, not much had changed. The goodbye letter I had written to the students telling them I love them was pinned above my desk for them to see and everyone was so excited to see me, its nice to know that I am not forgotten because these students mean so much to me. I’m glad I got to say goodbye and give them all hugs. Since it’s sports day on Wednesday the school also finished early to practice sports, so everyone was having an assembly together and they all waved me off as Teacher Wa drove me to the minivan station! Also a nice end to the day was the driver gave me the coveted front seat next to him (usually reserved for monks or old grannies) and supplied me with chewing gum after a nap!

DSCN8104 DSCN8105 DSCN8114

Teacher Pen and I


Me and Mummy Jai!


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