Doctors and Nurses

I had a fun class this week where my Year 6s are learning about accidents. I knew my lesson plan would have about 10 mins extra free time in so decided to play a fun game. I put the class into teams where 1 member was a patient and the others were doctors, and they were each given a toilet roll as “bandages.”  As I shouted out body parts the students raced to get the body bandaged and as the game went on I shouted the words quicker and quicker. It was loud but alot of laughter as eventually the ‘patients’ ended up looking like mummies and here are the photos! (Thanks Andrea for the toilet roll bandage idea!)

Look at all their smiling faces!




I’m pretty sure I said bandage his forehead, not his eye…

DSCN8077 DSCN8073

End of lesson and this is what they look like!


The fingers are not swearing, merely proving they bandaged a finger too!


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2 thoughts on “Doctors and Nurses

  1. Great pictures!

    Looks like they had a blast!

  2. They really look like having a lot of fun!

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