Science Week

Ahhh it’s a been a while since I’ve updated, sorry!! Its because I am busy living in a city, lots to do now! Plus school has been hectic too, not only teaching English (and science) but listening exams, speaking exams, marking books and setting midterm tests too. I guess since the last post I’m pretty much settled in my new place. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the students recently and thanks to Science week their personalities are shining through. My kings class for Year 6 (the cleverest P6/4) are a bunch of actual crazies!! And 4/2 are the cutest, the ones who always want hugs and high 5s!

Science week went really well, I think Teacher Ya and I were as excited as the students for the experiments! For P4 I did the first lesson on secret codes that they had to work out and the second lesson was a secret message made from 100% lemon juice, written on paper with cotton buds. It goes invisible as it dries but when held over a flame (candles) the message appears as the acidic ink burns first. Teacher Ya and I both attempted this before hand and both burnt holes in the paper. The students were super excited to see their messages appear, and we only had one message catch fire out of 120 so that’s pretty good! (The children weren’t allowed near the flames, nor did they attempt to burn the messages either, as its a really fine line to how close you hold the paper to the flame for the message to appear and the risk of it catching fire!!) Some kids wrote lovely messages, such as I love Teacher Zo and Teacher Ya!

I ❤ Teacher Zo


I Love my Mum.. bless the boys! DSCN7954

Teacher Ya first attempt!


P4/2 posing!


Crazy kids and teacher


His message reads “Teacher Zo is beautiful!” DSCN7949

For P5s I spent the week on optical illusions. The first lesson was based on optical illusion pictures, asking if they could see the old lady or the young lady and how many feet does the elephant picture have, some really famous illusions! Even Ya my assistant had never seen them before and was impressed with them. It was funny to hear the “ahhhhh” sigh of when the students finally got the illusion then explained it to their friends. For the second lesson the students made their own illusions, drawing a picture on one side of a circle card, and another drawing on another circle card, which when put with a string through and twiddled would form one picture (eg a fish bowl on one side, and a fish on the other.)

Here is how to :

And here is a video showing some of the ideas the students had;   21399_391980187588789_83107114_n

Playing with the left over card!


For P6s, the students learnt about gravity the first lesson, then the second lesson they were told to bring in boiled eggs (I wanted to use normal eggs but thought boiled would be less messy when they broke) and then made bases and parachutes out of string, cups, card and cotton. We then launched these off of the school building and the students then got to see whose egg survived. There wasn’t much time to do this so even if the egg did survive the students started eating their boiled eggs as soon as the experiment was over! Some students did think outside the box and used 2 parachutes, or added more string, and one group added extra padding to the bottom of the cup, which saved their egg from cracking!

DSCN8000 DSCN8006 DSCN8015

So my first Science week was a success….yay! Since that was 2 weeks ago now, I have been preparing for Midterm tests (speaking, listening, book work and an actual written exam.) The written exam has been submitted and the students will sit the tests next week.

During the weekends I have been exploring Hat Yai. I was invited to go to the Floating Market just outside of Hat Yai with Karen and the Thai teachers from her school, who took us in an air con car! It was mainly food, being sold in little boatsand you had to lean over, order and the food would be passed to you in a basket on the end of a hook, where you took the food and gave the money back. I had fried chicken, iced tea and samosas! Last weekend I went for  a nice dinner at Gaps Garten, a german place which I think is one of the most expensive restaurants in Hat Yai and it still only cost me the equivalent of £12 for a yummy dinner of duck breast, pan fried garlic potatoes, gravy and 2 glasses of wine!! Also found an Italian/mediterranean restaurant called Basil, which is run by a lovely lady called Smiley, who really looked after us. Her most expensive pizza (italian style in an oven) is still only £6. This weekend I went to Greenway market too, a night market that runs every night from Wednesday – Sunday. Me and my friends were there for 3 hours looking around and still hadn’t seen everything! There’s lots of bargains and very cheap clothes. I got lots of nail wraps as trying to grow my nails and ate a cheap dinner there too and bought a new pair of hello kitty sunglasses. The rest of the time I’ve been at the pool as found a cheap big one I like and got a sort of membership there!

Andrea and I at Gaps DSCN8026

Karen and I at Gaps


With Karen, Alison and Rania and Thai teachers at a market DSCN8038

Floating Market!


Karen with a Kitten for sale at greenway market (500THB – £10)

DSCN8061 At my favourite pool I found! (hello kitty sunnies!) DSCN8063

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