Just a few replies to my questions at exam time;

It’s a bit gutting to find out how some students have paid no attention to you whatsoever for the last 3 months. Especially when they are struggling with “What is your name?”

These answers are the ones that made me cringe/laugh, guess I now know who listens in my classes. Super impressed with my year 6’s though, nearly all of them got 50/50!


Teacher: Good Morning

Student: Ummmm


Teacher: Good Morning

Student: Good evening!


Teacher: What is your name?

Student: My name is.

Teacher: What is your name?

Student: My name is. (Doesn’t actually say his name.)


Teacher: How old are you?

Student: I am fine thank you and you?


Teacher: How are you?

Student: Yes


Teacher points to a flashcard of a teacher.

Student: Crue (teacher in thai)

Teacher: No, speak to me in English

Student: In English

Teacher: Pasa Angkrit (In english in thai)

Student: Ooooooh, Teacher. (Like it wasn’t obvious this was an English exam, when all previous questions were in English)


Teacher shows a flashcard with the colour blue on it.

Student: Pink!!!

Teacher: No

Student: Red?

Teacher: No

Student: Orange!

Moving on….


Teacher shows a flash card with the number 17 on it.

Student: Thirty seven.


Teacher shows a flash card with the number 25 on it.

Student: Two ten and five.

Teacher shows a flash card with the number 32 on it.

Student: three ten and two.


Teacher shows a flash card of a temple.

Student: Hat

Teacher: No

Student: Boat

Teacher: No

Student: Cat

Teacher: No (and moves on after realizing he’s just naming random English words.)


Shortly after writing this my faith is restored! Just tested Year 3, class 1, and lots of them got full points! Might get them a present, probably sweets, they’ve done so well! It puts a smile back on my face to know some of them have benefitted from me being there!

Below are some photos of the kids’ drawing (It’s very hard to test one student at a time when the whole class wants your attention, so I gave them the task of copying out a passage in English and drawing animals.) These are 7 year olds, they are really good at drawing!

Best cartoon! DSCN6410 Best writing!

Best array of animals Cutest drawings! Best elephant drawing! DSCN6392

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