Childrens Day and Teachers Day

Yay, yet more days off. I just worked out that this will be the 7th consecutive week that I haven’t had to teach the whole week (holidays, visa runs, bank holidays, students performing, all mean no lessons!) What am I going to do when next week all the days off are over?

On Saturday 12th January it’s Childrens Day in Thailand. If this fell on a Friday then it would be another bank holiday (and some schools even did give Friday off too!) but my school celebrated it on Saturday. At the market, where all the festivals are held there was a huge marquee all day, with lots of little ones and the actual market. In the huge marquee there was a stage and children won awards and money, and also performed dances (the same as New Years party.) In the smaller tents there were exhibits of children’s work, photos of Christmas and New Years and lots of different activities the children could do. The day wasn’t just for my school, but the surrounding areas too. However most of the children I saw were my students! I started by painting a figurine, and guess what, mine was an elephant. He turned out blue and is very cute. The most popular ones were Angry birds. There was also puppet making, a games room, and a room for sweets and ice-cream. Also the Fire Brigade lit a huge fire and then put it out. Also there were army guys there, showing off, and playing a game where the boys were blindfolded and then put boxing gloves and headgear on and were let loose. Really very funny to watch, as they run straight past each other and start attacking whoever they can hear nearby, so a few audience member got hit.

I ended the day trying to learn how to play a thai game that involves a wooden boat with cups in it, where you put marbles. I had Oke, the Mayors son and one of my favourite students Namfon, and Teacher Pen all try and explain how to play. I played, I didn’t win. I don’t know how you win because to me its just picking up marbles and moving them around. Not so successful, but will try and master it one day!

Pratom 4s in red!

Today, Wednesday, is Teachers Day. I don’t think there are any celebrations, but it does mean another day off! I’ve celebrated by lying in bed all morning, and then going out on the moped to get lunch. Now I’m off to relax some more with a massage at the hot springs, then go to the Wednesday market with the South Africans. Perfect.

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