Christmas Day

Santa and carol singers Falangs in Khaochaison Performers Surrounded by nursery kids

Christmas Day in Thailand, it was always going to be different, celebrating something that the people in my town didn’t really understand, nor get the importance of! Considering I was away from home and had to work, the day went okay. In the morning my 20 or so good kids performed “Santa claus is coming to town” in assembly to the rest of the school. Then i was called to the front and put on stage to say a Merry Christmas speech. After assembly i travelled round the classes with the 20 kids performing in every class and giving out chocolate and biscuits. One student also dressed as Father Christmas. After that the day went quite normally, i had lessons to teach so taught them (Snowman movie – it was xmas day, i wasn’t going to stretch myself or the kids! lol) and i spent the day rounding up groups of children to record messages to my family at home, with them all saying Merry Christmas and putting it in a video. Lunch was soup.. with a chicken foot in. It was at this point I missed home and mums yummy Christmas dinner. It would certainly be better than a chicken foot soup.

The evening was spent at the South Africans house, drinking, listening to xmas songs, and generally reminiscing about what we would be doing if we were at home. Their neighbour also cooked for us and it was really good fried chicken. I got to skype home, Mum cried, which made me cry and homesickness hit hard. I really wanted to go home, just for that day! It was inevitable that missing home would hit soon, but I was glad I was with people who felt the same way and at least celebrated xmas too!

The thai neighbours friends also came over and joined us in drinking, but i returned home about 11pm as still had to be up at 6.30am for school the next day. Definitely no boxing day here!

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