3 months – Visas, preparing for Christmas and relaxing in Paradise!

I arrived in Thailand over three months ago! Time is flying by now, especially because its nearing Christmas and my lessons now consist of “British Christmas culture” Ie) explaining to the children how to make a snow man and then how it melts in the snow, lots of diagrams and actions needed but then showing them The Snowman movie for the rest of the lesson so that they understand! That’s for the little ones. For the older ones, they’ve been learning the whole song of “We wish you a Merry Christmas.” Yesterday lunchtime they had a competition in teams of 4 and they had to sing the song and the winner will be announced on Christmas day. Also for Christmas day I’ve been holding a club every evening for an hour, teaching 20 of the Pratom 4s and 5s the words and dance to “Santa Claus is coming to town.” They will be performing on Christmas day to the whole school and I can’t believe how quick they pick it up!

Pratom 2/2 performing in xmas singing competition

Other things that have been happening is my visa! For a while I was worried I would have to go to Malaysia to sort it. I notice in Thailand that they never get something done early. Instead they like to make you wait on the edge of the seat until the last possible minute when it needs to be done, making you panic all the time! My visa ran out Tuesday 18th December. On Tuesday at 2pm I got a phone call saying the paper work was done and I could now get to Satun (2 hour drive away) to get the visa sorted, but that the office there closed at 4pm so to hurry hurry hurry. I made it in time thanks to Teacher Kom driving like a mad man, whereby some of the paperwork I still didn’t have, had to be faxed over! However now my visa is valid until 31st March 2013, when my contract ends. So I’m about halfway through my time here already!

At the beginning of December there was a bank holiday and I was able to spend the weekend catching up with Tara, a fellow TEFLheaven trainee, at Ao Nang beach, Krabi. I hadn’t been to that part of the country before and I was seriously impressed! The islands there are beautiful, my favourite being Raleigh beach. We relaxed lots, caught up, sunbathed, swam, ate lots of western food and drank many cocktails! I urge everyone to go there, its paradise! I like it so much I will be returning in 2 weeks, as I want to show it to Paul and James when they visit! Its about a 4 hour bus journey, so bit tight to do it on a normal weekend, but school have given me the monday and tuesday off too, as they know my friends are visiting. I have to catch up on the missed lessons throughout the following week though!

View from Poda IslandSunset at Ao Nang beachLong tail boats at Raleigh beach

Jumping at Raleigh beach

I’m very excited for the week ahead- Christmas day on tuesday so party day for the children! Then Friday is when the school is celebrating New Year with a party and performances by the children during the day, teacher party in the evening. On Saturday I make my way to Koh Samui, to meet and Paul and James for New years eve at the full moon party on Koh Phangan. Life is good 😀

Who knew it was so competitive!

Who knew it was so competitive!

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One thought on “3 months – Visas, preparing for Christmas and relaxing in Paradise!

  1. Laura C

    Please can we swap, you can work in The Two Trees on new years eve and I will go to the full moon party with Paul and James. Yes??? your such a good friend.

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