Hat Yai (1)

So I’m becoming part of the community here in Khaochaison, I now do what the majority of the towns women do – go to the free aerobics class! Every evening at 6pm unless its raining. It’s like Zumba but Thai moves to Asian music, and for some reason the women cheer a lot and make wierd noises like they would do in tennis.


Also my landlady, Nanny, has been updating the security around my hut. I have a new lock on the front door. All the trees that blocked people on the road seeing into my room have been cut down and a wire fence has been put up (But everyone can now see right into my room… they cut down the trees as they think thats how the intruder got in.) A mini police station has been set up at the end of my road for the nights and to top it all off, arrived home yesterday to 4 new CCTV cameras being put up all around the hut, watching every entrance.


This weekend was spent Falangering around (being tourists) in Hat Yai.. I was reminded of what western food is! (KFC! Toast! Pizza Hut!!) I stayed with Tasha and Kylie, other TEFL teachers who I met on the Ko Samui course, Friday and Saturday night. Madam and a few teachers took me to Hat Yai in the car, to make sure I was extra safe they dropped me right at the girls’ apartment, and got to have a good nosey around. Before that I went to the  big shopping centre to buy alcohol for the party, and Madams face when I said what I wanted to buy… Unimpressed and dissapointed. I told her I’m aware that in the town I can’t drink (as I am a female teacher) but that it was the weekend, I was away from anyone that knows me, and I would be with my western friends. I think she understood…  I bought a few wine coolers called SPY.


We caught up friday night and Saturday after a lie in we went to Hat Yai Municipality park. We found an art exhibition where the guy running it was so pleased 3 farangs had entered, he made us pose and took pictures. Some of the paintings were really good! Then we wandered around the park until we came to a pond, and rented a pedalo and fed the fish. It was the hottest part of the day and we weren’t covered up enough, so we didn’t have energy to climb to the top to see the temples, but its on the to-do list for next time!


In the evening we headed back to the apartment to start getting ready for other TEFL teachers coming over, some heading to Hat Yai from quite far away! Was good to see everyone, and meet new interesting people too, and to just speak English without having to explain it over and over again. Also to have a drink, relax and eat pizza!


On Sunday The Notebook (film) was on TV so we watched that and I had a good cry, then said goodbye to Kylie and Tasha (Thanks for letting me stay!) and got a White Songthao (no idea how to spell it) to the minivan station (Talad Kasair is how to say it in Thai.) From there it was easy.. there was a counter saying Khaochaison and i bought a ticket (80bht, so £1.50) and waited at number 12 for the white minivan to turn up. The Bus is number 12 but it says Ban Keow, which it the town next to Khaochaison. After about an hour and half ride I was the last person on the bus, and was able to direct the driver (in Thai) to my front door. Easy peasy.


Today is Monday and I’ve finished teaching for the day.. 3 lessons on numbers. For the older ones we played Bingo and for the younger ones we played Ladders, a fun but actually quite dangerous game..they’d never let you play it in England, but kids here loved it! I’m going to go nap after school then get up for aerobics later on…

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