An eleven year old female student came up to me at the end of the first lesson today and said thank you and then gave me a hug. I don’t know if she knew about last nights events, but I really needed that hug! It made me smile and reminded me why I am here.


Last night i was woken at 3.30am by what I thought was thunder. There was a loud storm with thunder and lightening outside.  Then I realised I could hear other banging noises, and thought maybe the wind was blowing my bathroom door open and shut (even though it never had before!) so I turned the light on and went to investigate. On the way back to bed I realised it was my front door, and the banging was someone trying to get in. Bearing in mind it was 3.30am and pitch black outside pouring with rain, I got pretty scared. I called Madam on the mobile to tell her I was scared and that someone was trying to get into my hut, even when I’d turned the light on. The front door was locked so they couldn’t get in but they were shaking it hard and making lots of noise.


After I rang Madam… herself, the police, the landlady and her husband, and 4 teachers from the school all turned up at my door within 10 minutes. I think when I spoke to Madam on the phone this scared the intruder away (I have wooden decking outside leading to my door that creaks when people step on it, and I heard it creak as whoever it was ran away.)


The police asked me what happened and they checked the area, and everyone made sure I was okay. I’d locked the gate but I guess the intruder had somehow jumped over it. We were up until about 5am when I said I was going back to bed as needed to be up at 630am for school today. I was invited to stay with everyone, but knew if I didn’t go back to my own hut I would be wary of sleeping there tonight.


I went back to bed and everyone left to return to their homes too, but I didn’t really sleep. Today everyone has been really kind, all the teachers found out and keep asking if i’m okay and if I want to stay with them tonight but I’m going to return to my hut and hope all is well. My landlady is staying next door though tonight, and soon another teacher should be moving in next door. Hopefully it was just a bit of bad luck and won’t happen again. If it does though I have everyones phone numbers etc to contact if theres a problem. My agency have also been in contact to check all is well.


I am okay, so Mum and Dad please don’t worry, hopefully it was a one off!

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