Living in Khao Chai Son

Another crazy day in the real Thailand…


So this morning I was woken up at 5am by the sunrise. The actual sun didnt wake me up but the amount of animals that woke up with the sun and started making sounds. To the left of my hut is a cow and her calf, behind my hut are ducks, and i can hear frogs this evening, and to the right of my hut is a troop of monkeys (not sure what the collective of monkeys is called, but it was that, and they are very loud!) Managed to fall back asleep and wake up at a more reasonable time, when i was picked up by one of the teachers and taken to see Madam. She let me use her computer to access the internet as mine wont be working until tomorrow, then took me on a tour of the town in her car, including the hot springs next to my hut, where all the monkeys were. They found it funny that i was so excited to see a monkey and i took photos! I’m glad I got my rabies jab considering they are literally my next door neighbours! 


Afterwards we went to lunch (thai street food – dont know what they cook omlette in but was so yummy!) with some more thai teachers and i was yawning so when i got back to her office she told me to sleep, and made me nap on her office sofa while she did some work. When i woke up I went outside and there was a moped for me!! I asked how much but the mayor said its for me, and he’s sorted it out. So i taught Madam how to ride it and then i got on the back and we had another tour of the town. Everyone stared.. I’m not sure if its because Madam was driving a moped, or because there was a foreigner, or the two together, but it was funny seeing everyones faces. 

Then I went round in circles by myself making sure i felt safe on it. Its still at the offices now because tomorrow they are going to find me a helmet.


This afternoon i was taken “shopping” in the city of Patthalung.. Shopping means i stay in the changing rooms (a curtain in the corner of the room) and everything Madam and Teacher Jai wanted to see me in was passed through and i tried it all on! With them asking “you like?” or “It fits?”.Was definatly an experience, and they bought me 2 skirts and 2 tops. One of which is “sexy” because it has a lace back.. i did ask if they were suitable for teaching and they said yes, because i have white skin it will look better! And I did want to pay but Madam said the Mayor had told her to look after me. After shopping all afternoon we went out to dinner in a really nice restaurant in the city, and I had ribs.. they were so good. More of Madams friends joined us, and her daughter too who is my age and speaks quite good english, so she translated for me. Also in this restaurant every half hour a song comes on and all the waitresses do a dance! Then teacher Jan and teacher pen arrived and ate with us too. Later we went to the cinema, where it was meant to be a thai film with english subtitles, but as the subtitles didnt come on, Madam made everyone leave as i couldnt understand anything! Saw the trailer for the last twighlight film though and it comes out here on Nov 15th and they all know i want to see it. This time it will be in english with thai subtitles.


On the way back to my hut we stopped at the mayors house and they made me shout hello from the car. There were a group of guys on the porch who looked very confused so the teacher then rang the mayor to tell him it was me saying hello. Tonight was a lot more relaxed and felt like a girls night out and everyone laughed lots. I think they were less embarrassed to talk in english with me, and I’m being taught Thai words too.


When we came back to my hut everyone came in.. Teacher Jai, Madam, Teacher Pen and Teacher Jan, to examine everything! They were so nosey! Also i have a new bed that wasn’t there this morning, apparently the Mayor sorted it because a mattress on the floor isn’t comfy enough. Its brand new, still with plastic on! Then everyone sat down and I showed them photos, and they realised i don’t have a few things so yet more stuff to sort out tomorrow. I’m being picked up at 10am again to go set up a bank account!


Im being treated like a princess here and everyone has been wonderful, another happy day. 😀

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