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One week to go = Excitement!!

AHHHHHHHHH ūüôā Thats how I feel at the moment, what with 7 days to go until I fly to Bangkok!

I’ve applied for my Non Immigrant B single entry visa through the Hull Thai Consulate,which meant sending off the letter from the thai agency that will be employing me in Thailand, stating that they will sponsor me and employ me as well as their registration document, and all the info about myself, including police check, degree qualifications and application form including 2 passport photos, not to mention my Passport. I sent it off on the Friday and received it back the following Wednesday, after ¬†they emailed me on the Monday, as I’d forgotten one of the above documents. I was impressed with how quick and efficient the service was!

My travel insurance has now been booked and it cost £230 for 6 months teaching (worldwide excluding America) with my laptop added in too. I went through insure and go, as they seemed to cover most things, including elephant riding, something I defiantly want to do whilst in Thailand. Some sports are extra but they were quite flexible in that if I want to go Scubadiving I can ring up and add that on to the policy for a specific day or amount of time.

I haven’t got round to packing yet as I’ve been spending time with friends and family to make sure I say goodbye. Packing will be the last thing I do before I leave. Thanks to my friend Crazy Cris, I did buy some travel friendly shampoot, conditioner and soap from Lush. They are small round bars of shampoo/conditioner that you can buy little tins for, that you just wet and run along your hair. Super handy, and weigh only 55g (practically nothing) compared to big bottles of liquid soap, and they are small so will easily fit in the luggage. The lady in the shop said that one bar lasts 80-100 washes, so the ¬£5.25 is a good investment!

Next post will be once I’ve arrived in Thailand, the land of smiles..

More info available at these sites;

Hull Thai Consulate:


Lush solid shampoo bars: and

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